How talking about our feelings helps our mental health?

Talking can be a way to cope with a problem we have been carrying around in our head for some time. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone. And it works both ways. If you open up, it might encourage others to do the same.

It’s not always easy to describe how we are feeling. If we can’t think of one word, expressing feelings in a number of words which seems close to what we feel, using metaphors help to describe our feelings.   What does it feel like inside your head? heavy fog, a noise of heavy metal, a big clutter of heavy thoughts etc What does it make you feel like doing? screaming, running, nothing, restless etc

These talks can happen naturally while doing something with our friends or family - if we are a listener listen without feeling too worried or shocked and about the person who is talking if you are talking say as much as you can comfortably do.

It might feel strange or difficult at first but it will get easier or natural after a few attempts; encourage others to talk and yourself. 

Expressing feelings is a strength!